Kitchen Renovations

Make Your Kitchen Renovation Count With These 5 Trends

Lately, we’ve been seeing five kitchen trends stand out as having real staying power. If you’re planning on doing a renovation soon, you should consider them.

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Here are five of the latest kitchen design trends with legitimate staying power:

1. Fewer upper cabinets. This doesn’t necessarily mean that people want less storage. It means, rather, that they want a less cluttered look to their cabinets. What we’re seeing is you have to be a little more creative in finding other spaces to store the kind of important things that upper cabinets use to store.

2. Comfortable seating areas. We all know that everyone hangs out in the kitchen when you’re entertaining company, so we’re seeing the addition of more “soft” spaces or seating areas in kitchens where people can relax while others are entertaining or cooking.

3. Steam convection oven. With everyone on a health kick because we’re still near the beginning of the new year, we’re seeing more of these types of ovens, which allow you to steam your food.


4. Induction cooktops. These have been popular in Europe for many years, but they’re just now catching on in America. Induction cooktops have a glass-metal surface with coils underneath. The coils don’t heat up until they have a magnetic connection with your cookware, so when you take your cookware off, the surface is cool again and you don’t have to worry about a lingering hot stove. These also allow you to save energy.

5. Smart kitchens. All homes are being connected to devices in one way or another, and we’re seeing kitchens follow suit. Some of the more popular additions we’re seeing are refrigerators with cameras inside them to remind you which groceries you need and touch faucets.

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