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Buyers: How to Get to the Closing Table in Competitive Market

Angela Fox from REMAX urban properties. Happy summer. I wanted to reach out for today’s blog topic. We have had lots and lots of buyers right now trying to get in this market while we still have low interest rates. We do have tight inventory, so I wanted to talk about something that I hear every day. We have all kinds of buyers that we work with but we do also love our first-time home buyers. “We’ve been able to get them all into properties successfully.”  And you’re not hearing that story from all the other buyers that are out there. So, I just want to give a few tips if you are a first-time homebuyer. If you know someone that’s a first-time homebuyer have them reach out to me or share this video with them and let them know you’ve got to get pre-approved. “Not just a pre-qualification from a lender where you do a 15-minute phone conversation or an online approval, you’ve got to go in and get pre-approved so that your file is through underwriting.” And all you’re waiting for as an address of the property that’s going to be your new home. So, if you can get that, you’re going to set yourself apart from all the competition because you are a lot less risky to the seller if you are pre-approved.

The other thing is you have to be willing to possibly cover an appraisal gap. A lot of homes are going for over list price so if you’re willing to put a few thousand dollars towards an appraisal gap, should it not appraise, that’s going to help you out. And in the long run that few thousand dollars over the course of time will not be that big of a deal.  “you can gain that equity versus throwing it away and renting.”

The other thing is to keep your inspection items to health and safety items versus having a honey-do list. If you can put this clause in your contract, again you’re going to let the seller know that you’re serious. And that you’re really going into that inspection just to find some major health and safety items. And so, you just want to remove as many of those contingencies as possible.

“Last but not least you as a buyer have to hustle and you have to have someone on your side, a buyer’s agent, that’s out there hustling for you.” Our update is every 15 minutes to our buyers and if you see something on there that you want to go see, we (may) have to go see it immediately. So, I’ve got a full team of licensed agents ready to go out and show you homes. So, reach out Angela Fox REMAX urban properties. I’m at 3032466629. Angela@AngelaFoxSellsDenver.com. “We’re here ready to work for you, ready to Hustle.”  Have a great one!


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